Eclectic Fire Department History

The Eclectic Fire Department was formed in the late 1960’s with a group of men who wanted more for their community. At that time the fire department was not affiliated with the town and was known as a rural fire protection district. Then they would go as far as Dadeville, Alabama to help fight fires.

In the early 1980’s the fire department needed more apparatus. Because they had no affiliation with the town, banks would not lend them the money. May 3, 1981 the men and women of the fire department petitioned the town to let the fire department be a part of its municipality as a volunteer fire department. Since that day we have been the Town of Eclectic Fire Department covering a 54 square mile district.

The first fire station was located in down town Eclectic in one of the older brick buildings. They knocked the brick out and put in a bay door. When a call came in, the dispatcher at the police department would sound the tornado siren, then called the fire alarm, and volunteers would come to the station. Outside of the station was a chalk board, the dispatcher would write the location and type of call on that board.

Since the fire department began it has been led by 10 different chiefs: Tex Weaver, Etzil Thornton, Donald Strickland, Dan Donnath, Joe Capps, David Ingram, Ted McGinty, Mike Holton, Adam Graham and David Ingram. The current Fire Chief is Josh Dorminey.